Our Philosophy

Earle in Northern Arkansas
Ducktown’s Girl Named Earle “Earle”. Hatcreeks Addi & FC GRHRCH Juice .
Heritage & Preservation 


Passing it down and dedicated to preserving bloodlines and heritages. We’re so proud of what we do for the next generation of happy, healthy Labrador Retrievers. Ducktown Retrievers focuses on preserving and maintaining the integrity of the breed.   Ducktown Retrievers is focused on preserving all of the unique hallmarks of this wonderful breed, breeding structurally sound labradors, and embracing the elements of true American Labrador Breed.  We concentrate on Performance Bloodlines – (Hunting Labrador Retriever) lines that will provide our bitches with just the right blend of intelligence, drive, natural desire & raw talent.  Our goal is to build a line that will be the perfect fit for any active family.  We strive to breed  Labrador Retrievers to have good looks and lots of drive and trainability in the field intelligence,  while having a loving personality making them both wonderful family companions. Good health, sound genetics is our starting point.          


Because preservation breeders are purposeful breeders, only selecting fathers and mothers on generations of documented health tested individuals and proven bloodlines through selective genetic testing. Purebred dogs are much more than a pretty face. It is the ‘family tree’ that determines what is inside the eye-catching exterior. The pedigree is a written record that shows at least 3 generations, often more, with correct names of all relatives.