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Ducktown’s Backstory: 


My Beautiful Avery

“It takes a village” Many people’s help or involvement is needed to achieve some goal.

“First I want to mention that I am not a high profile breeder. I am just a girl that lives in North Georgia that appreciates well bred dogs & horses.  I am gritty, loyal, highly-sensitive,  pretty savvy, and I have a huge heart.

The story behind the lineage of my dogs has to start with Avery.  In 2013 I took a huge loss prior to any breedings and tragically lost my girl Avery at the age of 2.   She is in my story and probably a bigger part of it than anyone could realize.   Avery taught me just as much if not more than any other dog.  I got sucker punched straight out of the gate.  Man did I love this dog.  She taught me so much about life and death.  She taught me to stick with it and to be strong.   Even though this was a huge blow, Addi saved me (she was one year at this time)  Addi & became more determined, bonded more, and grew stronger together.

Year 2011 – When I started my journey little did I know it would led me to so many wonderful dog lovers.  The first real friend and mentor was Matt Rush.

Rushcreek Retrievers
Marker is Dude’s sire.

Matt spent hours talking to me and is a good friend.  Nobody is better a better geneticist than Matt.  Educated, good looking, and a lady’s man.  (Haha). Truly a loving soul that is devoted, kind, and true to himself.  Dude led me to Matt and when you start to think about your life’s story I started to realize it was a lot like connecting the dots.  Each dog has taught me something new about myself, and each mentor has taught something valuable.  What I take from Matt is 3 important factors; 1. Look past the paper 2. Know the Dog 3. Take your emotion out of it.  I consider him to be a good friend!  I love you Matt.

GRHRCH Dude & Peg
& Peg (his daughter)


HOW ABOUT THE DOG? Dude’s story – Dude was bred by Matt Rush @ Rushcreek Retrievers in Camdon, South Carolina, His dam was an absolutely stunning black female named Bee, who is out of Fenwood’s Line, & Watermarks the Boss was her sire.   Matt was the master mind behind the Dude breeding and deserves all of the credit. The bitch line is the breeder and the stud dog is a contributor.

A girl after my own heart. Quarter horses & well bred Labradors.

I consider myself to be good friends with Jean. Jean O’Connor @ Hatcreek Farms   I consider her to be a mentor that has so much knowledge about dog breeding.  She is a super gal that loves horses, is gritty, and is all-in with her dogs.  Jean wants to retire but she can’t because she is a dog breeder.  I don’t think dog breeders can stop breeding, it’s too hard when you see a puppy on the ground or get a call from someone special that loves your dogs.  Jean is  a good dog breeder and I admire her very much.  What I have learned from Jean is from a woman’s prospective;  1. You are in control of your litters.  2. Dams are as important as the stud dogs  3. We stick together because we love our dogs.  4. There is no such thing as first pick – second pick.  Breeders helps guide owners to the right puppy (this has become the cornerstone of my program) and invaluable.

The last person to mention is a hard core duck hunter & friend Scott. Scott had known Dude and was very impressed with him.

Scott & Avery

He bred his dog Dixie to Dude.  I was on his list what caught my eye about his dam was that she was nice looking dog, but mostly he had trained her and she had an HRCH (he was an amateur trainer) this made me want one of her puppies.  Scott and I bonded due to this breeding – we did get to hunt with Avery in Northern Arkansas which is one of my fondest memories.  Avery’s Pedigree

Scott has taught me a lot about dogs.  His ability to recite pedigree’s and accomplishments is astonishing.   Thanks for all of your help and support.  I hope one day I can hunt with you once again.

Gundog Labrador Retrievers
Avery in Northern Arkansas. (she died a couple of months after this photo)