Hunting Labrador Retriever Breeder Georgia

Hunting Labrador Retriever Breeder Georgia
Locating a promising puppy means first finding the best breed for your hunting purposes, then researching the backgrounds of breeders who produce the kind of gun dog for which you are looking.  “One of the best ways to judge a puppy’s future as a gun dog is to see its parents,” says Curt Shreve, a Large Munsterlander breeder from Prior Lake, Minnesota. “When I add a new pup to our line or help someone choose a puppy, I always like to actually see the young dog’s parents…for all the obvious reasons.   ”Read more: more:

Labrador Retriever Breeder in Georgia

The key to a good litter is a quality bitch with excellent health clearances, put to a compatible quality dog with equally excellent health clearances, and given quality care throughout pregnancy and beyond. The bitch must have a purpose beyond producing puppies, whether that is as show dog, working dog or highly treasured family pet.

As Labrador breeders, we specialize in Duck Hunting Labrador Puppies.  

Labs are naturally born to hunt and make wonderful companion dogs with a natural family oriented temperament.

The Labrador Retriever is unusually adaptable, obedient and kind-hearted. They are sociable, affectionate and loyal with a keen sense of smell. No wonder they are so popular!!!

All of our bitches are OFA (Good or Excellent) bred only to carefully selected proven titled GRHRCH or Field Champions sires. We work hard to ensure your pup is free of hereditary defects. Our puppies carry the intelligence, trainability and instincts to go as far as you would like in Hunting Retrievers, resulting in top hunting companions and family companions.