Approval Process

I am dedicated to ensuring that each puppy I produce is appropriately placed in a loving home.


yellow lab puppy georgia
Yellow Lab Female
Jetta & Bam 2021

This is one of the most important aspects of my job.  It’s not taken lightly on my end; I find that it’s often the area that I get the most disappointed.

Our puppies are sold through an approval process that begins with a telephone call – not a text or a PM via social media.  You can contact me directly @ 770-733-0836 the initial conversation is necessary to see if we move forward with our questionnaire.  The questionnaire is another part of the process that if it’s not completed then I don’t move forward.  I must say that I have had folks talk to me on the phone, I felt good about our talk and they didn’t move forward with the form.  They followed me social media then would send me a message once I had a litter on the ground.  Suffice to say none of these families were considered for my program.  It’s tough and believe me I don’t want to have such a strict policy.  But, my policy is what separates the men from the boys, and helps me determine a good fit for my litters.  

We do not home our puppies through a first come-first served method, but one in which we get to know you, your understanding and expectations regarding this breed and the environment our puppies will be living in once they leave our home.  

We have a detailed questionnaire that is the second step in our process.   This information is then used at Puppy Pick Out appointments to guide you and us in choosing the right puppy for your family.  Please feel free to call me anytime to chat about my puppies and my program.  There is no rush to get on my list and I have had many people that have waited well over a year to get the perfect family pet.

I reserve the right to choose my buyers!