SRSAC 4xGRHRCH UH Running On The Verge Of Chaos MH HOF

Lottie’s Sire – SRSAC 4xGRHRCH UH Running On The Verge Of Chaos MH HOF

Ducktown’s La-Di-Da CGC.  “Lottie”  (top photo is her Sire Chao’s)

My Lottie girl is our second 3rd Generation DTR Pup!  Lottie is a beautiful fox-red female that is always in the mix.  Lottie is a classic Labrador with a ton of desire to please, trainability, and loving dog.  She is a maniac when it comes to retrieving. She obtained her CGC title at 9 months of age and has the perfect work ethic.  Very easy going gal with lots of bottom.  She will take a lot of pressure like her dam Jetta, and is a no non-sense pup all the way.  The icing on the cake is that this gal mark! Lottie is one of our smaller girls, about 55 lbs. She is full of drive and desire with the most lovable personality.  She shows up to work everyday with a great attitude like her dam Sage and her grandsire Gus.  She is quite, clean, and very watery.

Boy is she well bred.  I will never forget being at the Cattle Ranch in North Alabama and watching Ronnie Lee take a couple of dogs off his truck.  They were yellow, talented and beautiful.. I asked him “hey how are those yellow dogs bred?”.  He said “GRHRCH Magnolia’s Hammerin’ Hank” daughters.   Hank was the #3 top producing sire in HRC at that time. Well that name stuck and I always wanted to add some Hank to my line.   On the bottom side and coming out of my kennel is her grandam and grandsire Jetta/Gus.   Lottie will be a good one to carry on the Jetta/Gus lineage. (who have over 11 titled offspring including one GRHRCH MH, MNH QAA.)  Talk about well bred this dog comes from some really nice hunting retriever bloodlines.  She is also a GRHRCH (8) Docheno’s Conecuh River Man, MNH5, MH QA2, NDL “Gus” Granddaugher and my Jetta who is a FC Peakebrooks Secret Weapon and Riparian Ricky Bitch. Her dam is out of my HR DTR’s Conecuh River Huntress Sage. Who was a guide dog at Habitat Flats, and needs only 4 mores passes for her MH.