Ducktown’s Tater Tot CGC

Ducktown’s Tater earned her AKC CGC Title at 6 months.

Ducktown’s Tater Tot, CGC

Born 11/21/2020 – OFA Health (Hips/Good, Elbows/Normal, Eyes/Normal) EIC Clear, CNM, Clear

I have a soft spot in my heart for my Tater.. First off, she’s my last female out of my matron Addi – Hatcreek’s Ada Way to Go.  Secondly, she’s just one of those dogs that immediately stole my heart.  She is high drive and loves to retrieve, with lot’s of willingness to please and loves people.  She has a really nice handle and her compliancy is off the charts.  Everyone she meets wants to take her home because she is always seeking lot’s of love & affection.  The total package is what comes to mind when I think of my Tater. She is also extremely loyal and honest.   She is quit and clean when left alone and possess a certain amount of independence.   Tater is smart as a whip and catches on quick.  She is the best of both worlds and could go in any direction with the ultimate off-switch.    She is the most exceptional dog with the best temperament. I could go on and on.. Lastly, she’s very good looking female with good head structure and conformation.. She weights about 65 lbs.