Ducktowns Big Black Dudes Legacy “Nova”



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DOB – 1/17/2020 Ducktowns Big Black Dudes Legacy

If I had to define Nova with one word it would be “firecracker”. Like her Mother Nova is a maniac when it comes to retrieving. She is so much like Frankie I sometimes can’t tell them apart.  She loves the water and is a team player.  Nova is still a young dog, so far she is proving to be an exceptional retriever.  She is a striking big black female (70 lbs)  with a really nice coat, a beautiful head.    Her prey drive is unmatched and this girl loves to train.  She is very fast in the field and full of energy but at home loves to lay around and be a dog.  She is extremely loyal, loving, and well mannered.  She has a very high ceiling and showing incredible potential!

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